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The Protein Works is an innovative sports nutrition brand that have created a wide range of products including protein powders, amino acids, fat burners, pre workouts, health foods and more! They supply high quality products and customer service to their customers that include elite level athletes and teams.

The Protein Works Discount and Voucher Codes January 2019

20% off for New Customers!
20% off for New Customers
Free 250g Whey Protein 360 For New Customer Registrations - Code must be entered at registration
Free 250g Whey Protein 360 For New Customer Registrations – Code must be entered at registration
Spend over £75 to get free next day delivery to anywhere in UK mainland
Spend over £75 to get free next day delivery to anywhere in UK mainland
Spend £50 for Free Delivery
Spend £50 for Free Delivery

The Protein Works Referral Code

Spend £10 On Your First Order And Receive 250g Of Whey Protein Free
Spend £10 And Receive 250g Of Whey Protein Free

Expires: Does Not Expire

How to use a The Protein Works Discount Code and Referral Code

1. Look through our current selection of discount vouchers and decide which one will give you the greatest saving on your upcoming purchase.

2. When you have decided which special offer you would like, click on the green button and this will automatically open a new tab and direct you towards The Protein Works website. Your discount code will be revealed underneath the green button. In some special deals, a code is not needed and the deal will automatically be applied on checkout.

3. Once on The Protein Works website carry on with your shopping as usual, adding the products you would like to purchase to your shopping basket.

4. When you have finished adding the items you would like to purchase to your basket, go to the checkout. Underneath your basket items will be a box named “Promotional Codes”, you can enter your coupon code in here.

The Protein Works Discount Code

5. Enter in your coupon code and click the ‘Apply Code’ button. You will receive confirmation that your discount code has been applied and any discount will be deducted from your shopping total.

The Protein Works Voucher Code

6. Click ‘Proceed To Checkout’ and complete your order as normal.

7. Enjoy the savings on your The Protein Works products.

What If Your The Protein Works Discount Voucher doesn’t work?

If for whatever reason your discount voucher isn’t working, you should try some of the following things.

First and foremost is to ensure that the promotion code hasn’t expired already. Most promo codes can only be used once so if you have already used the code on a previous shop you will not be able to use it again.

Make sure to double check any terms and conditions the promo code might have and that you have indeed met those requirements. Some promotion codes only allow new customers to use them or only apply to a specific flavor of a product.

If these suggestions still haven’t helped you please don’t hesitate to contact us so that we may help you solve this problem.

How To Use The Protein Works Referral Code

During your new account registration procedure, you must enter the referral code into the “TPW Referral Code” field. The referral code cannot be retroactively added to your account, so if you have already created your account unfortunately it is to late to use a referral code.

The Protein Works Referral Code

The Protein Works referral code will allow you to receive a 250g Whey Protein Powder absolutely free when you spend £10 or more on your first order. When you have hit the £10 minimum a box will automatically pop up asking you to “Claim Your Free Protein Powder”.

The Protein Works Referral Code

Upon clicking, you will be automatically redirected to the product page where you can add the product to your shopping basket. Once you are on the checkout page the price of the protein powder will automatically be deducted from the total.

he Different Types of The Protein Works Discount Codes and Promotion Codes

The Protein Works offer a large variety of voucher codes that can be used on their website. We try very hard to keep up to date on all of the latest discount codes so that you won’t miss a single deal. Due to our working relationship with The Protein Works we will also, from time to time, be able to provide exclusive codes you will not find anywhere else.
The Protein Works Promotion Code

X% Off Your Purchase – These are our favorite discount code and give you a chance to make some massive savings on your total purchase. Unfortunately these are not that common, so you have to be quick when they do become available. They are often attached to certain terms and conditions requiring that you spend at least a certain amount.

X% Off Item X – You will see something like “Save X amount on product Y”. This is by far the most common discount code you will see at The Protein Works. They will often be used to promote an entirely new product or flavor that they have just launched. It’s a great way to try something new at a fraction of the original cost.
The Protein Works Free Shipping Discount Code
Free Delivery – Whilst some people turn up their noses at this code since it usually doesn’t save much money, these are pretty valuable at The Protein Works since the threshold for free delivery is pretty high at £75.

Saving money at The Protein Works really is straightforward with our discount codes. Click one of the green buttons, on the deal of your choosing, to reveal your discount code and you can start saving too.

Other ways of saving money at The Protein Works

The Protein Works have their own loyalty points system, which, when used in conjunction with one of our promotional codes means you can save even more money with your purchases.

Whenever you complete a purchase you earn 1 point for every £1 you spend. Each point is worth £0.01 thus effectively giving you a 1% discount. Make sure to use any points you accumulate within a 1 year period otherwise they will expire and they will be lost to you forever.

Apart from just purchasing products you can also earn points by leaving a review on items that you have purchased; you will be rewarded with 10 loyalty points, i.e. £0.10. It’s not a huge amount but it’s free money for something that you might have done for free anyway.

The Protein Works Review

The Protein Works Logo

The Protein Works was founded in 2012 but don’t let this date fool you into thinking they are some new, flash in the pan company. It was created by Nick Smith, Karl Jacobie and Mark Coxhead who you may recognize as three ex-directors of the massive supplement company, Myprotein.

Using their years of experience and expertise, The Protein Works have exploded onto the supplement scene making waves in what is an already incredibly competitive marketplace.
The Protein Works doesn’t just provide protein powder as the name might suggest but also a wide range of supplements to match every goal. You won’t see any cheap filler or cutting of corners used in their products, just 100% honesty, quality tested ingredients.

We are not the only ones praising the quality of The Protein Works, a simple Google search will reveal that the fitness community at large only have positive reviews and good things to say. On top of that, they are currently sitting pretty on the number 1 ranking at TrustPilot for the sports brand category.

What you might now know is that none of the manufacturing process is outsourced to a third party. This is important as they have complete control over the entire production line ensuring quality standards remain high throughout. Whilst this costs a lot of money and effort we think their hard work has paid off and is reflected in their products.

Their manufacturing facility follow the GMP process (Good Manufacturing Practice) and are completely open about what they are doing, regularly inviting teams of nutritionists inside.

A funny quirk about producing their supplements in house is that their protein scoops can always be found on the top! Anyone who buys protein regularly know this problem, they open up their new tub only to see that the scooper is nowhere to be found. It has often left us wondering what’s so difficult about placing it on the top? The Protein Works place it at the top of every product and since their products aren’t being transported between different manufacturing plants there is no chance for the scooper to be displaced.

The Protein Works Philosophy

The Protein Works use the KISS method (Keep It Simple, Stupid!). They focus on the product whilst not cutting corners at any stage of the production process. By doing so, they can offer great products at low prices.

They don’t spend huge amounts on marketing preferring to let their product speak for itself and allowing us, the customer, to spread the word. Not only is this faith in their product admirable, it also makes sense in that they can spend the money where it counts, on the product!

The Protein Works Products
The Protein Works try and offer transparency to the consumer showing a full protein breakdown on their products. This is actually pretty rare, with most companies just showing a protein blend without any way of knowing just how much of each protein source is in the blend. This is backed up on product profile pages where you are able to view in depth nutrition facts as well as 3rd party lab results showing you exactly what is in that product.

If you are like us and have spent years looking for a protein supplement that doesn’t use artificial colours and flavours then look no more, you have found it! When it comes to The Protein Works they only ever use natural colours and flavours.

They are extremely confident in their products that they even offer a lifetime guarantee on them. We have never come across this before and might even be unprecedented in the supplement industry. So, if you are disappointed in any of their products you can either have the product replaced, swapped for another product of the same value or they will credit your account.

The Protein Works do a great job on the little things, the ones you don’t notice but when they are pointed out to you, you pay attention and think wow, why doesn’t every company do this. This is the case with the “flat” containers they use for their pills, softgels and capsules. It’s so simple, flat containers allow you to not only store them efficiently but also allows them to fit through your letterbox so that even if you are not at home you can still receive your delivery.

Customer Service

As The Protein Works are still a relatively young company they might not quite have as much purchasing power compared to other companies. They do their best to overcome this problem when it comes to delivery. The threshold of having to spend over £75 for free delivery is a lot and is higher than at Bulk Powders
Good Customer Service
They currently offer a 4pm deadline in order to dispatch your order on the same working day. So, if you are using the Next Day Delivery service and your order was confirmed before 4pm you will receive your order by the next day. They are unable to promise it by the next day if you ordered it after the 4pm cut off.

Whilst even with the perfect plan, things can and do still go wrong, the “fast track” process has been put in place in the event that this happens. This includes contacting you whenever a order might be delayed and by also arranging extra collections from their carriers to pick up late orders.

The Protein Works might not be perfect but it’s clear to see that they have put in place the best system possible for when something does go wrong. They promise to resolve any issues you might have within 24 hours and always keep you updated on any progress. A nice touch is that they will actually phone you up so that you don’t have the stress of trying to chase them up and explain the same problem for the 5th time to a different person.

If you have a question regarding one of their products or need some advice from an expert you can use one of their sports nutritionists via their live chat or email for free. This is essential and I am surprised that most companies don’t do this. There are so many supplements out there that it’s impossible to know everything about all of them so this feature definitely comes in handy.

Build Your Own Supplement

Create Your Own Supplement
Yes, you did read that right. Are you always complaining how you like A,B,C about a product but don’t like X,Y,Z? Or how a supplement would be perfect if they just changed one little thing?

Now you can actually put your money where your mouth is, The Protein Works allow you to customize your very own supplement. Correct me if I’m wrong but I have never seen anybody else offer this service.

The next question must be, are you brave enough? I’m not even allowed in the kitchen so to make my own supplement is a little daunting. They do give you some guidelines and tips that we would advise you to read before attempting this. You should be warned, if you don’t like how your creation tastes there are no refunds, as you have no one to blame but yourself.

It’s easy to see this as just some novelty feature that they knocked up in a couple of minutes but when you look at the level of customization that is available it is clear a lot of thought has gone into this. You can make multiple types of supplements not just protein powder.

On the first page you can choose between 11 different protein sources whether that is whey, casein, plant based protein or a combination of all 11! The second tab is where you can choose from a variety of carb sources such as oats, dextrose, maltodextrin etc. After this, is the amino acids tab. You can choose between 15 essential and non-essential amino acids. Finally, the supplements tab, where you can choose from items such as green tea extract, creatine, flaxseed etc. To top it all off you can choose from over 20 different flavors, although they do warn you that the ingredients you have chosen, do have an effect on the overall flavor.

Create Your Own Supplement At The Protein Works

The price of each ingredient is clearly shown per/kg and you control the quantity of each ingredient by percentages. Each change you make will automatically update the nutrition facts table on the right hand side with the new numbers so you know exactly what you have created.

It really is an incredible system. So, if you fancy yourself as a mad scientist, give it a go!
Customize Your Very Own Supplement At The Protein Works Here