Where To Buy Liquid Egg Whites In The UK

It is an uncomfortable truth that for many who are susceptible to dietary cholesterol, eggs can quite literally be deadly. The high contents of cholesterol and fat can cause any number of weight and heart problems, problems that can be exacerbated with as few as four whole eggs per week. This is particularly unfortunate when you consider the huge amounts of benefits eggs also offer.

In addition to the large amounts of protein, eggs are also extremely rich in vitamin D, vitamin B6, zinc and iron. However, what many people fail to recognise is that most of the problems with eggs are contained within its yolk and simply by consuming only the white, you can reap the rewards of this very inexpensive health food without any of the risks.

Where Can I Purchase Liquid Egg Whites In The UK?

There aren’t a huge number of options available if you are trying to find egg whites in the UK with all of the large supermarket brands stocking the same one brand, Two Chicks.

Retailer Price/kg Link
MuscleFood.com £4/liter More Info
Bulk Powders £4.99/liter More Info
Ocado £6/liter More Info

We recommend you buy egg whites from Musclefood.com, a British company, that have for years specialised in supplying healthy alternatives to everyday foods for an fitness-orientated public. They can rank some of the sporting world’s biggest names amongst their fans as well as a whole legion of regular fitness aficionados who swear by their range of nourishing, affordable and downright delicious health foods.

For customers looking to build muscle mass, they offer some fantastic deals on their British Lion Quality assured liquid egg whites, with 1 litre available for as little as £4, whilst larger quantities can be bought for even better prices. They also offer free range liquid egg whites although they cost slightly more.

Certainly, for anyone serious about bulking out those pectorals and getting those biceps bulging, liquid egg whites are an indispensable part of a protein-rich diet.

What Are Liquid Egg Whites?

Although you can of course, go to the effort of removing the yolk yourself, this can be a long, tricky and downright irritating task. Thankfully however, there are companies out there that are ready to take the strain for you and simply by purchasing these pre-yolked whites, you will find yourself in possession of a very versatile product. You can of course use the whites to prepare any egg-based favourites such as a health-conscious omelette or fat-free scrambled egg but the options extend much further than that.

Liquid egg whites are great for baking and are safe to drink straight from the bottle meaning you have a ready-made source of protein every time you open your refrigerator. They are completely without flavour so adding them to teas, coffees or smoothies will not adversely affect the taste. The liquid egg whites come in a re-sealable, freeze-able bottle to ensure they can be stored for extended periods of time.

Liquid Egg White Health Benefits

As mentioned previously, eggs are notoriously high in cholesterol. A single egg can amount to almost as much as your daily recommendation, something certainly to consider for anyone who is consuming far more than this in search of a supply of protein and particularly for those suffering with diabetes or other heart-related illnesses.

Without the yolk however, liquid egg whites entirely eliminate this problem. Just one egg white can contain up to 4 grams of protein, something which few other foods can offer. With these huge quantities of protein then, the most obvious benefit you will notice will be to your muscles which, with regular exercise, will greedily absorb the liquid egg white’s offering of protein.

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