High Protein Ready Meals

After coming home from a long day at the office, it can be difficult to summon the motivation to break out the chopping board and rustle up something tasty. With thirty minutes of preparation, twenty minutes in the oven and the all too brief five minutes of enjoyment, the effort simply doesn’t feel worth it; the temptation of simply sticking something in the microwave and kicking back in front of the television seeming like an altogether more appealing prospect.

Unfortunately, such convenience often comes at the expense of flavour and invariably the nutritious goodness one would otherwise get from a home cooked meal. Although for many a couch potato, this is a small price to pay for efficiency, for those who are seeking to establish a health-conscious lifestyle, cutting corners at dinner time can all but negate those last fifteen minutes at the gym.

Thankfully however, several names within the health food industry have sensed this gap in the market and produced a range of microwavable meals that provide all the sustenance whilst never compromising on flavour.

What Are The Key Differences between Protein Ready Meals & Traditional Ready Meals?

High Protein Pizza

Without doubt the most immediate difference one will notice when first trying one of these high protein ready meals is the fact that the both look and taste much more natural. Traditional ready meals are almost entirely void of natural vitamins and minerals and instead rely on synthetic alternatives that are added as a means of bolstering the meals health credentials on the packaging.

Unfortunately however, these artificial vitamins are nowhere near a beneficial as the original and are in fact rather damaging to us as they are significantly more difficult for our bodies to digest. High protein TV dinners on the other hand use exclusively natural ingredients, ensuring that your meal is packed with all the nutrition you would expect if you have lovingly prepared the meal yourself.

The differences do not stop there. Because regular ready meals are bereft of nutritional quality, they are almost entirely lacking in flavour, a problem that the manufacturers address by simply adding disturbingly high quantities of salt and sugar, additives that bring with them no end of health problems. The same is true of preservatives. With many ready meals spending much of the lives tucked away at the back of your refrigerator, they are pumped full of chemicals that are designed to keep them edible for long periods of time and whilst this may sound fairly innocent, these preservatives can have rather detrimental impacts on one’s health.

Most distressingly is their capacity to actually alter your body chemistry, mutating cells into potentially dangerous and even cancerous versions of themselves. As has been previously stated, natural performance meals rely exclusively on natural ingredients, ingredients free from these nasty preservatives.

Steak & Stout Casserole

Health Benefits Of High Protein Ready Meals

Protein is without doubt one of the most vital components of a healthy diet. It is hugely important in ensuring that healthy blood, bones and brain functions are sustained, not to mentioned general ongoing maintenance and repairs. For anyone whose who are regular gym-goers however, by far and away the most obvious benefit of protein is the vital role it plays in building muscle mass.

Without a steady supply, even the most arduous of workout regimes can be ineffectual and it can even be downright dangerous if your energy expenditure outstrips your nutrient intake. Certainly for anyone serious about sculpting those biceps and carving those abs, having a healthy supply of protein is crucial aspect of their diet.

What Varieties Of High Protein Microwave Meals Are Available?

Sweet Potato Turkey Lasagne

Just like regular ready meals, freshly prepped protein meals come in a whole host of different styles with something that will suit practically any palate. For anyone looking for a light lunch a whole myriad of nourishing soup options are available whilst those looking for something more sizeable have a galaxy of curries and casseroles from which to choose.

Some of the most popular however are the high protein pizzas. These come with a huge number of toppings, from the more recognisable margarita or Hawaiian varieties to something a little more exotic such as spicy beef and jalapeno. Regardless of your tastes however, you will be able to find a high protein ready meal to suit both your penchants and your appetite.

The Leading Brands In High Protein Ready Meals

beanimal logo

Although a relatively new addition to the health food market, there are already a rather large number of brands stocking there healthy, protein-rich ready meals. One of the most popular of these are Beanimal, a company which specialise in bringing flavours from all over the world, from Moroccan chicken toTex Mex dishes, each one delicious in three minutes or less.

Performance Meals are equally eclectic in their offering while for those who are less adventurous, Freshly Prepped Meals do the simple extremely well, each of their offerings composed of three components, a meat, vegetable and carbohydrate.

SuperVeg however, are a company that cater to fitness enthusiasts who have trouble finding the time to prepare the most laborious stage of meal preparation, namely the vegetables, offering microwavable kale, beetroot and potatoes to supplement your dinner.

Where Can I Buy High Protein Ready Meals In The UK?

While most of the health industry are still discovering the benefits of high protein ready meals, one British company has been quick to see their appeal, having proved popular with famous faces from all over the sporting world.

Musclefood.com was started by serial entrepreneur Darren Beale who saw a hole in the market, a hole he filled with immediate success.’I decided to set up Muscle Food because I could see that although there were hundreds of gourmet meat websites,” he said of his fledgling business venture, “there were none which were tailored specifically towards the athlete or bodybuilders, who rely on a high protein, high carbohydrate, low fat diet.”

Certainly, having earned recommendations from individuals such as British Olympian Iwan Thomas and former World Champion boxer, Joe Calzaghe, it is clear to see that these ready meals are offering something entirely different. With protein pizzas available for as little as £4.95 and a multitude of curries for less than £5, Darren Beale and his famous fans are sure you’ll be convinced.

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