Why You Should Be Eating Grass Fed Beef

In an increasingly environmentally conscious world – a world of hybrid cars and wind farms, a world of recycling bins and solar panels – there is a growing awareness and indeed concern, with how we treated the animals that will eventually find their way to our dinner plates.

Whilst it is difficult, nay, nigh on impossible to track where each and every Brussel sprout or cherry tomato came from, we can usually establish whether the meat and dairy we consume was processed humanely, whether this be through buying free-range eggs or pigs that met a painless demise. Another way to ensure that the food we eat is not only healthy but has also enjoyed a rich, full life is by eating grass fed meat, a healthy new approach to farming that has benefits not only for the cow, but also for the customer.

What is Grass Fed Beef

What Exactly Is Grass Fed Beef?

For quite some time, many people were under the mistaken opinion that the cows they saw grazing in the fields were the ones that would eventually graduate to their Sunday steak, reassuring themselves that at least these bovine had led carefree, natural life before finally fulfilling their destiny.

The truth however, is that generally these cows seen in the pastures were actually dairy cows, cows still young enough to be used for milk, but when they grew older, they would be herded into the cramped quarters of the feedlot to subsist on a diet of grain, corn and low-quality meal, conditions certainly, where no animal would want to spend their twilight years. What grass fed beef does differently is that it uses only cows that have spent the entirety of their lives out in open pastures, foraging for food in the way nature had intended.

Grass Fed Beef vs Grain Fed Beef

Grass Fed Beef vs Grain Fed BeefAlthough it is reassuring to know that the best interests of the cattle have been kept in mind during the farming process, by the time the meat has reached your dinner table, what is really important is the quality of diet the cow has enjoyed. As mentioned previously cows which spend their later years in feedlots are forced to eat all manner of substandard food and, in some instances drugs to encourage growth, foods which encourage market readiness at the expense of quality.

Grass-fed cows on the other hand enjoy a food that is in keeping with their bodies, a food that produces a far healthier animal. Whilst from a naturalist’s point of view, this is certainly a plus, all this would amount to very little for many people if the taste did not match up to their expectations. On this front, grass-fed beef is practically without compare.

In a blind taste-test conducted by The Huffington Post, participants were undeniably more impressed with the grass-fed option, proclaiming it to be”juicier, more flavorful,” “tender, juicy, more like stewed meat” with some simply stating, “This is GOOD.” It is as versatile as regular meat and can be used in everything from burgers to stroganoffs.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Grass Fed Beef?

As with all farmed animals, the contents of a cow’s diet will ultimately determine how nutritious its meat will be. The most immediate difference on this front is the significant reduction of fats that it contains, an aspect that will certainly be of interest to those looking to shed a few pounds but are reluctant to give up their much-loved steaks.

Another major advantage to grass-fed beef can be found it its omega-3 which can be up to five times higher than its mass produced counterpart. This nutrient is essential in ensuring a healthy heart, regulating cholesterol and increasing blood-flow, in addition to the huge amount of protein the beef already offers.

Health Benefits Of Grass Fed Beef

Where Can I Buy Grass Fed Beef In The UK?

Whilst there are many places to purchase grass fed beef, we recommend Musclefood.com as a great place to find grass fed beef online.

Muscle Food began life as a company that sought to cater to a public that had an ever-growing appetite for food that was not only reliably sourced but also conducive to a healthy lifestyle. On their website, it is possible to find great offers on all kinds of health-conscious foods, whether this be simple readymade dinners or something more exotic like springbok or kangaroo, their prices remaining lower than the big supermarkets on most items.

One of their best loved products however is their grass-fed beef. They ensure that their meat is stocked exclusively by British and Irish farmers, guaranteeing that their cows are grass-fed and free-range each and every time, a promise that means their customers contribute not only to domestic and ethical farming but also to a healthier and more sustainable food source. And with a seven pound steak available for as little as £2.95, why not give them a try?

To make even more savings, check out our Muscle Food discount code page, here.

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