Muscle Food Discount Codes & Vouchers

Musclefood is a company passionate about sports nutrition and supplements. Muscle Food provide the best lean meats and supplements available which will allow you to get all of the nutrients and protein you need to achieve your goals at an affordable price.

Muscle Food Discount Code and Vouchers January 2019

£5 OFF Your Musclefood Order
£5 Off Your Musclefood Order!
Buy Lunch For a Working Week & Get Your 2nd Week Free!
Buy Lunch For a Working Week & Get Your 2nd Week Free!

Muscle Food Discounted Meat Hampers & Selections

Healthier, Happier You Hamper From £59
Healthier, Happier You Hamper From £59!
3 For 2 On Musclefood Bestersellers
3 For 2 On Musclefood Bestersellers!

Muscle Food New Customer Deals and Offers

New Customers Can Receive One of The Following Free With Their Order
New Customers Can Receive ONE of The Following Free With Their Order

4 x British Chicken Breasts, 1 x loaf of High Protein Bread, 2 x Hache Steaks, 2 x Horse Fillet Steaks, 350g Protein Pizza

New Customers Can Get The Super Lean Selection worth £154.10 For Just £75 And Free Delivery
Musclefood New Customers Can Get The Super Lean Selection worth £154.10 For Just £75 And Free Delivey

Includes: 2 x 2.5kg Premium Chicken Breast Fillets, 2 x 6-7oz Irish Grass Fed Rump Steaks, 4 x 6-7oz British Beef Hache Steaks, 2 x 400g British Extra Lean Steak Mince, 1 x 1.2kg Whole Corn-Fed Chicken, 2 x 400g Premium Diced Turkey Breast, 2 x 454g Lean Chicken Breast Sausages, 2 x 4oz Lite Beef Burgers, 1 x 500g Fresh Skinny Sweet Potato Fries, 1 x 500g Fresh Slow Cooker Mix, 1 x 500g Chopped Cabbage, 1 x 500g Sliced Carrots, 1 x 454g Meaty Pork Sausages, 1 x 340g Giant British Lean Meatballs, 1 x 350g Low Fat Bacon Medallions

Bonus: 1 x £5 Muscle Food Vouchers & 1 x 500g Fresh Salmon Fillet Voucher

Instructions – How to use a MuscleFood Discount Code and Voucher Code

1. Using a voucher code couldn’t be simpler, look through our available promotions and decide which one suits you the best.

2. Once you are set on the deal you want, click the green button and a new page will automatically open and load the Muscle Food website. The voucher code will now be visible, please note that some offers do not need a code. The discount will be automatically applied when you add the item to your cart.

3. When you are on the MuscleFood website add the items you would like to purchase to your shopping basket.

4. When you have added all the items you would like to purchase into your shopping cart, go to the checkout page. Scroll down the page and you will see a box titled “Discount/Hidden Code”.

MuscleFood Discount Coupon

5. Enter your discount code into the “Discount/Hidden Code” box and then click “Apply”. The offer/discount will be applied and the relevant changes made to your shopping cart/total. Click “Confirm Order”.

Muscle Food Coupon Discount Code

6. Enter your payment and address details and complete your order.

7. Enjoy the savings on your MuscleFood products.

What If Your Voucher Code doesn’t work?

Whilst we try our best to make sure all of our codes work, if on the off chance it isn’t working, you can try some of the following things.

Make sure that the voucher code hasn’t expired; in many cases a code can only be used once or before a certain date.

Double check the terms and conditions of the coupon code you are trying to use and that you have met those requirements. Some promotion codes only apply to a specific product or only apply to new customers.

If you have tried these but are still unable to figure out what is wrong please contact us so that we can help you solve the problem.

What If You Have Already Paid For Your Order – Can You Still Retroactively Use a Discount Code?

If you have already paid for your MuscleFood order but forgot to use a voucher code you may still be able to use one.

Log in to your account and from the left hand menu and click on the “Future Deliveries” option. Select “View Contents” and then enter the discount code you would like to use.

In order to retroactively use a code you have up to 72 hours prior to the scheduled delivery date to do this; make sure the order is still in the “Future Deliveries” section of your account. If you do make any changes and a green “Confirm Order” button appears you must click on it to ensure that the necessary changes have been made. You should then receive a new “Pending Order Confirmation” email.

The Different Types of MuscleFood Discount Codes and Voucher Codes

Bundle Offers & Variety Packs – Just like in any supermarket, Muscle Food will provide coupon codes that give you discounts when you buy more than one or a number of different items in a pack. Keep your eyes on the lookout as these can change fairly often.

X% Off Item Y This is the most common Muscle Food promotion code. They will have new promotions every week on Monday at 10am. So if you are a fan, you can put that on your to do list when you should actually be working!

Free Shipping Discount Code
Free Delivery Code – Occasionally Muscle Food will offer a free delivery voucher code although these are rare. They come in handy as the minimum spend for free delivery is quite high at £75 although this is mainly to cover the cost of their packaging. When you receive your first order you will understand what I mean as the items are packaged very well.

Other Ways of Saving Money at MuscleFood

In addition to our Muscle Food discount codes there are many other ways of saving money on your next order.

Loyalty Points

MuscleFood have their very own loyalty points system which you can use to redeem against some tasty meats, great supplements and other delicious goodies. Each point is worth £0.01 and so works very much the same way as other point schemes. Earn points by simply spending money or writing reviews and referring friends.

Loyalty points can only be redeemed on items marked as loyalty point products, you can find the selection on the checkout page.

Writing Reviews

For every review you write, Muscle Food will give you a whopping 10 points! Yes, it’s not a lot but you are getting something you might have done for free, just make sure you are logged in when you write the review. There is a maximum limit of 50 reviews that you can write.

Referring Friends

MuscleFood Refer Your Friend

You can refer your friends and family and earn 500 points for every person that you refer. In your account area you will find your unique Hidden Offer Code and URL (link). If your friend uses the code on checkout you will be given credit for their referral and receive 500 point straight to your account. There are even some monthly competitions where the person that refers the most people can win prizes such as a free gift hamper or vouchers.

Muscle Food Review

MuscleFood Logo

MuscleFood are a company passionate about both sport and nutrition and provide high quality lean meats as well as supplements.

They guarantee top quality produce sourced from trusted and reputable companies. Their wide ranges of meats and cuts have no added water, salt or other additives. The range of products the offer include:-

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Veal
  • Pork
  • Duck
  • Lamb
  • Seafood
  • Sliced Meats
  • Barbecued Meats
  • High Protein Ready Meals
  • Seasonings
  • Dairy, Eggs & Ice Cream
  • Nuts & Grains
  • Oils
  • Snacks such as protein crisps and bread

Muscle Food have a number of different mass gainers, protein powders, recovery and weight control supplements available via their website. They offer both their own branded supplements as well as from selected partners.

They have a very convenient ordering system where you don’t need to register before your first order. You have the option of creating a recurring order where you can state the exact delivery day so that your order can arrive at a convenient time for you every time. You have to specify how often you want deliveries however you are not tied into any obligations and you can cancel at anytime as long as it’s 48 hours before your order is due to be dispatched.

For the athlete who needs to keep track of their nutritional intake, a calculator is available as well as complete nutrition facts for each product.

Muscle Food Quality


A lot of chicken is pumped full with water in order to increase the weight of the meat as well as to give the impression that it is moist and plump. This means that you are paying a lot of money for water and not lean meat, Once you cook the chicken and the water drains off you are left with a tiny piece of low quality meat weighing much less that what you bought.

MuscleFood does not do this to their chicken and are arguably better than the ones you find in your local big chain supermarket in terms of taste and value for money. Their chicken breasts are sourced from family farms that are strictly regulated where animal welfare is of upmost importance. There is no added water or salt leaving the chicken breast as it should be, full of flavour whilst being plump and succulent.

Quality Beef

100% British BeefMuscle Food only use 100% British beef sourced from cows who are grass-fed and bred on farms with extremely high standards of animal welfare. Their beef has met Assured Food Standards and Quality Standard certification so you can rest assured that their beef is of the highest quality.

Before the beef arrives on your doorstep, it is classically butchered the very same day so that they always arrive as fresh as possible, trimmed of fat, juicy whilst offering great value. You will never receive meat that has dried out and lost its freshness from being left out on a shelf for too long.

Delivery Standards

Your order is prepared on the same day that it is dispatched to you. It is wrapped in vacuum packing, insulated boxes and hydrated ice sheets so that they arrive as fresh as possible at your door. You can either consume your purchased items on the same day or freeze them to use them at a later time.

Delivery Box

Your purchase is delivered using a fully tracked courier service that is extremely flexible, they can deliver your purchase to your workplace, home or leave your items in a safe location of your choosing. Free delivery is offered on all deliveries over £75 otherwise delivery costs £3.95.

MuscleFood is so cheap because they have cut out the supermarkets meaning there is one less person taking a share of the profits and we, the consumer, get to purchase the meats at what are essentially wholesale prices. A whole phone book of professional and Olympic athletes use Muscle Food as well as some famous chefs such as Jamie Oliver.

Muscle Food pack your meats in boxes that are designed to stay chilled for up to 72 hours guaranteeing the freshness of their products. The temperature controlled boxes are insulated using closed cell non cross linked polythylene. Hydrated gel ice sheets are pre-cooled before encasing your order so that they will keep the meat fresh; additional bubble wrap protects the meat from damage during transport.

All of this is then packed inside triple layer, custom boxes that are designed for carrying chilled meats.


Muscle Food give you the chance to make some huge savings in comparison to supermarket prices. They currently offer 5kg of premium chicken breast for just £25. That works out at only £5 for per kg which is much cheaper than what you would find at your local Tesco or Asda.

They continually have new weekly specials that are released on every Monday, don’t miss out on some of our favourite deals at the moment which include the “Lean Luxury Meat Pack” for just £75 a saving of £38 and the “Lean Veal Taster Pack” for £29 a saving of close to £19.