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GoNutrition is an online sports nutrition retailer selling their own branded supplements. It was founded by Oliver Cookson, the former owner of Myprotein. GoNutrition sell a wide range of high quality supplements including protein powder, amino acids, fat burners, health foods and more!

GoNutrition Discount and Voucher Codes January 2019

Up to 60% off in the Clearance section!
Up to 60% off in the Clearance section!

Added: 14/03/2016 – Expires: 31/12/2017

20% off £50!
20% off £50!

Added: 14/03/2016 – Expires: 31/12/2017

10% off £20!
10% off £20!

Added: 14/03/2016 – Expires: 31/12/2017

15% off first orders - new customers only!
15% off first orders – new customers only!

Added: 14/03/2016 – Expires: 16/05/2018

Get 250g FREE Go Whey Protein 80 on your FIRST ORDER with GoNutrition
Get 250g FREE Go Whey Protein 80 on your FIRST ORDER with GoNutrition

Added: 21/01/2014 – Expires: 31/12/2017

£6 Off Voucher When You Subscribe To Their Newsletter
£6 Off Voucher When You Subscribe To Their Newsletter
Free Standard Delivery When You Spend Over £50
Free Standard Delivery When You Spend Over £50

Go Nutrition Referral Code

Spend £10 or More and Receive 250g Go Whey Protein 80 Free
Spend £10 or More and Receive 250g Go Whey Protein 80 Free

Code Added: 1st January 2014 – Expires: Does Not Expire

How to Use a Go Nutrition Discount Code and Referral Code

Using a discount coupon is a very straightforward process which most people have done many times before. However, each website is slightly different and if it’s your first time on it you may be slightly anxious that you are indeed getting the discount you want. So let’s go through it step by step:-

1. First, we need to decide which voucher code we even want to use! So browse through our available deals and decide on which one you would like.

2. Click on the deal of your choosing, this will open the Go Nutrition website in a new page. Your discount code will now be revealed where the green button used to be.

3. Now that you are on the GoNutrition website perform your shopping as usual adding the items you require to your shopping basket.

4. When you have added all of the items to your shopping basket and are ready to checkout, click on “View Basket” or “Checkout”. Scroll down to the bottom of the checkout page, where this is a field called “Voucher or referral code?”.

Go Nutrition Discount Code

5. Enter your voucher code here and then click the “Apply” button. Your code will then be applied to your shopping basket and the appropriate changes made whether that be a discount or a free item etc.

Go Nutrition Voucher Code

6. Once you can see that your promo code has been applied correctly, click on the “Proceed To Checkout” button and pay for your items as normal.

7. Enjoy your Go Nutrition products and savings!

How To Use a GoNutrition Referral Code

On their official website, click on the “Register” button in the top right hand corner. A new window will pop up, at the bottom of this window is a link named “Got a referral code? click here” once you have clicked this, a new field will appear named “Referrer Code” enter the referral code here and click the “Register” button to complete your application.

By entering the code here, your free 250g of Go Whey 80 Protein should be automatically added to your cart once you have met the minimum spend of £10. If it hasn’t you may have to enter the referral code into the “Voucher or Referral Code?” box on the checkout page.

Go Nutrition Referral Code

What Should You Do If Your Promotion Code Doesn’t Work?

Whilst we try our best to make sure all of our codes are up to date, we are only human and sometimes we do mistakes. If your code doesn’t work please feel free to contact us and we will do our very best to help you. Please try the following tips first as these may help solve your problem.

Most importantly is to check the expiration date, for the majority of discount vouchers we list the expiration date next to it.

Check, if any, the terms and conditions of the promotional code. There may be restrictions where certain products are excluded from the deal, there is a minimum spend requirement or only new customers can use it.

The Different Types of GoNutrition Discount Codes and Voucher Codes

Go Nutrition Promotion Code

X% Off Your Shopping Total – Who doesn’t love being able to save a bunch of money on their entire shopping basket? Whilst every new customer can enjoy a promo code that can save them 10% on their first order, this offer is a bit rare for returning customers. Watch out though, they are available every now and then.

X% Off Item Y These are the most common deals you see just about everywhere, there are new ones every week trying to entice you to try something new or maybe they are trying to move some old stock? Who knows and I simply don’t care just shut up and take my money.

Go Nutrition Free Shipping Code

Free Delivery Code – Free delivery is available for everyone who spends over £50 on their order, which is not too difficult to reach. It’s not a big deal if you can as the postage cost is very reasonable at £1.99. Nevertheless, occasionally a free delivery code will pop up and we will be sure to post it up on this page.

Other Ways of Saving Money at GoNutrition

In addition to discount codes, GoNutrition have their very own loyalty points system, which can help you save money. For every £1 you spend you will receive 1 point, each point is worth £0.01 so effectively it’s 1% back on your money that you can use to spend on products in the future. It’s about the same amount you will see from their competitors, it’s not a lot, but it does build up.

GoNutrition allow you to earn points in other ways as well, such as subscribing to their newsletter or writing reviews which will give you 10 points each. It’s well worth signing up to their newsletter, not for the 10 points but for the massive savings you could make by being up to date with their special offers.

The fastest way for you to collect points is by referring your friends. If you refer a friend who spends more than £10 on their first order you will receive £10 worth of points. If they spend over £50 then you will receive £15. Quite a bit of money and it is worth it to spread the word.

You can also receive double points at GoNutrition when you take advantage of the subscribe and save feature. If you regularly order a product you have the option of subscribing to it, GoNutrition will regularly send you the product without you having to manually reorder it. The frequency of which they send it to you depends on what you specify, you can cancel at any time. We wouldn’t really recommend you use this as you won’t be able to use discount codes with this feature. Whilst an extra 1% off is better than nothing, more often than not you will be able to save more with a discount code.

If all of this sounds like too much hassle for you, your last option would be to wait for double and triple point promotion days that occur from time to time. As the name suggests, on these days you will receive double or triple the amount of points on a purchase compared to normal.

Go Nutrition Review

GoNutrition was founded by the former owner of Myprotein. Underneath his leadership he was able to take Myprotein to be one of the best, if not the best, supplement company in the UK. It should be obvious that he knows what to deliver in terms of service, quality and innovation when it comes to supplements.

GoNutrition is privately owned, no doubt using his personal wealth from the selling of his previous company. This means that he doesn’t have investors to answer to and he can work on fulfilling his vision of creating a reputable brand with high quality products.

Go Nutrition have a wide range of competitively priced products including what could be considered as the cheapest whey protein in the UK. This is coupled with a low cost next day delivery service offers great overall value.

All of Go Nutrition’s suppliers have to pass a rigorous quality test where they must guarantee that their ingredients meet a certain standard. They provide a complete Certificate of Analysis for each product as further evidence.

What sets them apart is their Quantitative Ingredients Declaration. What this means is that you can see exactly how much of each ingredient is present in their products. Most companies don’t do this and will instead hide these ingredients within proprietary blends that can often hide inferior products.

I know some people complain that the vast majority of supplements use artificial colours and flavours, for those people, look no further as GoNutrition’s products only use natural flavours and colours.

GoNutrition have brought a number of innovations to the industry with their subscription service, similar to what you see on Amazon. Whereby, you can have them regularly deliver products of your choosing on a frequency that suits your needs.
GoNutrition SQ Pouch
The big leap forward for me is their SQ Pouch. The use of pouches for protein powder is very much a UK supplement thing and whilst it does save on cost it does come with its own unique problem. GoNutrition have created a flat based, foil-lined pouch with a side gusset. This has allowed the inclusion of a fill line that can be used to indicate when you should re-order alongside a QR code to make the process faster. On the largest size pouches, a zipper is also used to make resealing easier and to keep the product fresh.

To back up the quality of their products a 7 day money back guarantee is provided as well as a 30 day exchange guarantee. If you’ve opened up the product and don’t like the taste then you can return it provided you’ve only used a few scoops(the delivery cost is on you). You will then be provided with an exchange for another flavour or your account will be credited with points.