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Free Food Samples From Graze

Graze Protein Box Food Freebie Graze Light Box Snack Freebie

Graze is a subscription service that delivers incredibly tasty and healthy snacks right to your doorstep. Graze never uses artificial colours or ingredients with every snack having a nutritionist approved badge. With this snack freebie they are offering, you are able to get your very first box for free! As this is a subscription service you will have to enter your banking details so if you don’t want to get charged for the second box be sure to cancel after you have received your first free food samples.

The light box is comprised from a range of over 70 snacks all under 150 calories made in the graze kitchen. This healthy food trial could contain a cranberry & hazelnut toasts with a rich cocoa dip or even the classic graze brownie.

The protein box is picked from a range of 30 snacks including the classic Applewood smoked beef jerky with a slow cooked tomato relish. Each box provides an exciting way for you to hit your protein requirements for a healthy and active lifestyle!

Free Healthy Food Freebies

Who doesn’t like receiving free food through their letter box? What’s more it’s healthy to boot so you can enjoy it guilt free even though you might be on a diet! We all know that some traditional dieting foods that are low fat and low sugar tend to leave a little bit to be desired in the taste department that may end up in you feeling that you are actually eating cardboard. The great thing about getting a sample is that you can give it a test drive before going out and buying a whole box of them.

Healthy food samples come in a variety of forms from a simple protein or energy bar all the way up to a whole sample box. These types of deals can be difficult to find however with many deals requiring you to make a small purchase in order to qualify you for the food gift.