What Are The Best Places to Buy Chicken Breast Online?

If you are into health and fitness or are simply fed up with paying high supermarket prices, it is natural to look for the cheapest place to buy chicken breast online. After all, online retailers have fewer overheads and can purchase in greater bulk than the likes of Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

Where to Bulk Buy Chicken Breast Online

In contrast, online suppliers are under pressure to deliver due to intense competition and the fact that customers have power in the form of online reviews. We checked out the market and narrowed it down to three great suppliers. Now it is simply a matter of finding the cheapest place to buy chicken breast because all three companies are excellent.

Retailer Price of 5kg Price of 2.5kg Discount Codes More Info
Live Lean £24.95 £11.95(2kg) Here More Info
Muscle Food £25 £19 Here More Info
Great British Meat Co. £29.50 £17.50 Here More Info

You may be wondering why the big supermarkets like Tesco or Asda aren’t included and that’s simply because they’re cheapest chicken breast products are about £6 per kg and therefore can’t match the prices above which are £5 per kg and often a lot less with the use of a discount code. LiveLean is the cheapest place to buy chicken breast online, it is considerably cheaper than its two rivals. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean you need to choose LiveLean. Indeed, it is a mistake to buy chicken breast based solely on its price. While LiveLean is an excellent supplier, you might prefer the service and meat offered by the other companies. Although we encourage you to shop around for the cheapest place to buy chicken breast, we believe you won’t go wrong if you choose one of the three websites above.

Is It Dangerous to Purchase Chicken Breast Online?

Where to buy chicken breast online

There is an element of risk when you purchase any product online, and meat is no different. An easy way to navigate the maze is by performing diligent research and ensuring the provider sources its goods from reputable farms. Obviously, the chicken should be vacuum packed to retain its freshness and delivered the following day.

In reality, online is the first place you should look when deciding on a place where you can buy chicken breast. Don’t assume your local supermarket is providing you with premium quality meat when there are countless cases of low-grade meat slipping through the net.

For example, Campylobacter is the most common food-poisoning bug in Britain, and it caused serious problems several years ago when supermarkets stocked contaminated chicken. As a result, dozens of people fell ill.

Then there is the small matter of overall quality. An estimated 40% of imported chicken undergoes substantial processing. The result is an incredible dilution in quality to the point where the chicken tastes rubbery when cooked. In some cases, the ‘treatment’ of chicken is so severe that just 51% of a chicken breast is meat! Add in flavour enhancers, and you have a product that does more harm than good to your health.

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