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Regardless of whether you are a serious athlete or just like to stay fit for the sake of your health, it would be foolish to ignore the role of protein. Adequate protein consumption can help increase muscle mass or at least preserve what you have while boosting your overall strength. This is why the popularity of protein shakes, bars and other treats have exploded in recent years.

However, meat is the best source of protein. High-quality cuts aren’t cheap, and supermarkets compete fiercely to offer customers the lowest possible price for their lean protein source. The last few years have been a testing time for butchers, but they are fighting back with online meat delivery services. Sports supplement companies are also getting in on the act as Internet consumers become spoiled for choice.

Where to Buy Meat Online? The Best Online Butchers

1 – Muscle Food

Muscle Food

MuscleFood is a sports supplement company that is also one of the best places to buy meat online. It offers top notch meats at discount prices, and all its produce is sourced from reputable farms. The organisation is dedicated to making things as easy as possible for those looking to boost their protein intake. We like its recurring order option which enables you to specify the exact day of delivery, so your freezer will never be empty again! There is no contract so you can stop the order at any time as long as it is at least 48 hours before dispatch.

A meat delivery service is only as good as its ability to send the food on time, and MuscleFood excels in this department. We were impressed by how carefully the meat was packed; the frozen cold bags keep the meat fresh until you decide to transport it to the fridge or freezer.

They vacuum pack the food, so it is initially about half the average size; it expands once you let it defrost. It cooks extremely well and tastes great. You should know that MuscleFood sells its meat in larger chunks than you will find in a supermarket. For example, its chicken breasts will be at least 250 grams apiece.

Regarding variety, few, if any online meat delivery services can match MuscleFood in this department. It has dozens of meat types ranging from the usual chicken and beef fare to the weird and outrageous such as crocodile and bug burgers! It ‘s hard to argue with the cost either; 5 kilograms of chicken breast from £25 and a ten steak bundle from £29 are just two of the highlights. The company has special offers all the time, and its loyalty program gives you 1 point for every £1 you spend. 100 points = £1 saved. It isn’t much but it all adds up.

MuscleFood is a supplement company, but it is one of the best places to buy meat online. It gives you great value food that tastes awesome, and its delivery service is top notch.

2 – LiveLean

Live Lean

LiveLean takes pride in the fact its meat is sourced from farms that hold animal welfare in the highest regard. After beginning with a small courier service, the company decided to expand after receiving countless great reviews from customers. It stands by three principles:

1. Best Quality
2. Best Value
3. Best Customer Service & Care

These are lofty promises but LiveLean meets and in some cases, exceeds expectations.

Like MuscleFood, LiveLean offers you an extraordinary array of options including Pheasant, Wild Boar, and Buffalo among its more exotic options. The 82-piece Hamper is a customer favourite and for just £56.95, we can see why. It beats supermarkets hands down in terms of price and its packaging, and online meat delivery service is very impressive.

Each durable cardboard box contains Food Grade Foil Insulation to keep goods fresh for up to 72 hours. The hydrated ice sheets on top of the meat keep it cool while the vacuum packaging ensures the produce is as fresh as when it was placed in the container.

Last but not least, the quality of the meat is outstanding. It is delicious when cooked and is probably superior to what you find in the supermarket. Considering how much cheaper the meat is, this is quite a feat.

3 – Great British Meat Co.

Great British Meat

The Great British Meat Company is over 60 years old, and this family business is synonymous with premium quality cuts. It supplies some of Northern England and Scotland’s top restaurants with produce and wants to become the best place to buy meat online.

Unlike the other two meat delivery services on our list, Great British Meat only sells meat. It also lacks the exotic choices of the others, but if you want the ‘classics’, it provides you with meat as good as anything you’ll find in the industry. Every order is hand cut on demand because the organisation never sells pre-frozen meat. As a result, the meat stays on the bone longer which enhances the taste.

Every order is individually wrapped and vacuumed before delivery. It promises to deliver the following day, and we were impressed by the efficiency of Great British Meat in this regard. The meat tastes remarkably fresh and is far cheaper than your traditional butcher. An example is 2.5 kilograms of chicken fillet strips for just £11.50. If you want exotic meat, we recommend MuscleFood or LiveLean, but Great British Meat excels in every other department.

What is Online Meat Delivery?

It involves the delivery of fresh meat to your door at a bargain price. Just go to a company’s website, choose what you want, pay for it, and the produce should be on your doorstep within a day or two. These stores have almost every meat source imaginable including Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Pork, Turkey, Veal, Game and exotic options such as Zebra, Buffalo, Ostrich, and Crocodile! There isn’t a type of meat you can’t get online these days.

Why Would I Need It?

Delivery BoxFresh meat provides you with a healthy dose of muscle building protein. Besides water, proteins are the most abundant type of chemical in your body. They play a crucial role in the body including providing strength and structure to tissues and cells, aiding the immune system and controlling biochemical reactions.

Even if you don’t exercise often, you need protein to remain healthy. Those who train regularly, especially with weights, need extra protein to help their muscle tissues repair themselves. The amount of protein you require is often exaggerated by fitness companies. Most experts now believe one gram of protein per lean pound of body mass is enough. So if you weigh 180 pounds with 10% body fat, you need 162 grams of protein per day (180 x 0.9).

Although protein shakes can pick up the slack, they aren’t filling and are more expensive than meat in terms of gram for gram protein intake. Supermarkets have significantly reduced their prices, but online meat delivery stores offer even better bargains. Best of all, there are no queues; a few clicks of the mouse and the meat will be at your house the very next day.

What to Look For in an Online Butcher

Online Meat Delivery

You should never take any chances when looking to buy meat online. Here are a few things to consider when researching a meat delivery service:

Quality: Look for butchers that guarantee meats with no added salt, water or other additives. There are few things more frustrating than purchasing what you think is one kilogram of chicken only to find you only eat about 600 grams because the other 40% of the meat is water! It goes without saying that the cuts should be tender and succulent. Don’t accept chicken that turns into rubber when cooked!

Sourcing: The source of the meat dictates its quality. Look for stores that only take their meat from reputable farms where animal welfare is of paramount importance.

Packaging: The best stores ensure the meat is prepared on the day of dispatch and is contained in vacuum packing with insulated boxes and hydrated ice sheets. This gives you the option of freezing the meat for later or using it immediately. Don’t use a service that only delivers frozen meat.

Delivery: Only choose a service capable of getting the meat to your door the day after your order.

Choice: If you only want the basics, you can always go to your local supermarket. An online meat delivery service tends to stand out because of the incredible range of options.

Price: When looking for the best place to buy meat online, analyse the rate and compare it to your supermarket or local butcher. It should be significantly cheaper and free delivery is a must.

Final Words

Your body needs protein to function at its peak, and if you are an athlete, you need more than a sedentary individual. Once you find the best online butcher, you will save a small fortune on your meat requirements and give your body the fuel it needs to succeed. Just make sure you have a big freezer so you can stock up when buying meat online.

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